Top 3 Best Carpet Pads For Hardwood Floors [Review in 2020]

Best Carpet Pads For Hardwood Floors

A lot of customers spend over months or weeks seeking the ideal rug — the ideal color, texture, pattern, and dimensions, but the place rug pad gets an afterthought. Assuming that you care about your hardwood flooring and your new area rug, create a wise selection for the padding and do not deteriorate. For all of these requirements, Petorugs will give you recommendations for the top 3 best rug pad for hardwood floors.

Why do you want a carpet pad and what is the best one for your house?

All things considered, hardwood flooring is a large investment. Deciding on an inexpensive area rug pad (or not buying one at all) can lead to scratched up flooring, worn down endings and bleeding throughout the carpeting. Believe me, I have seen all kinds of messes by simply not picking the perfect area rug pad, or even worse, not buying one.

And, sadly in the present cost-sensitive Earth, there are lots of cheap, but INFERIOR place rug pads which can lead to critical damage to the flooring.

The principal problem with the affordable ones (particularly if they’re imported) is they are coated with pliers that enhance the traction. BUT, these frequently have poisonous compounds that can of gasoline (not healthful for you, family, or pets). And, moreover, they could stain the flooring and put on down the end (in addition to adhering with them).

All this is totally avoidable by picking a top excellent rug pad. It is a very small investment to create your house safer and will help save you money in the future both for the flooring and assisting the region rug last more. Therefore, in the long run, it is going to be less costly and much healthier.

You will find 3 generally accepted Kinds of substances used for carpet padding:

  • Felt
  • Natural rubber
  • Combo of natural and felt rubber

Jute is just another acceptable alternative, but it will be expensive and it smells (that is the reason why I am not mad about it).

Felt and rubberized is excellent for horizontal weave rugs since the needle punched felt surface obviously clings to the base of carpeting to anchor it and also the rubber prevents slipping on the floor. The combo is best to offer appropriate cushioning and support in addition to a non-skid foundation.

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Top 3 rug pad for hardwood floors

1. Gorilla Grip Original Felt and Rubber Underside Gripper Area Rug Pad

It is a superb area rug pad made specifically for hardwood floors. It is made with felt and natural rubber (as you will see — the ideal combo) and it is extra thick to get more cushioning. It is hypoallergenic with no dangerous compounds, VOCs, or off-gassing. It is made in the United States. Additionally, you will also see that it’s among the most inexpensive premium excellent area rug pads you’ll find online.

You will want to obtain the ideal size depending on the dimensions of your area rug. The is made to be marginally smaller than the area carpet so the padding does not show. Additionally, it is designed so it is super simple to cut and cut to the specific size you want.

 Top 3 Best Carpet Pads For Hardwood Floors


A very low profile, higher performance carpet pad with powerful gripping power, advocated for preventing carpets from falling in high traffic locations. RugPro unites a thin layer of felt using a strong all-natural rubber backing. A rough felt top coating is intended to catch and hold the base of your carpet to reduce rug altering, bunching & buckling. A strong all-natural rubber backing keeps your carpet firmly attached to the ground when offering more floor plan over conventional waffle style carpet pads.

RugPro employs pure rubber backing which comprises more actual rubber and fewer clay fillers, preventing early degradation and flaking which frequently happens with several latex supported rug pads. RugPro’s solid design helps to keep dirt accumulation from hitting your hardwood flooring. RugPro is needle-punched using quite tiny holes to permit rugs and flooring to breathe.

Best Carpet Pads For Hardwood Floors

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Contour Lock is a 1/8″-thick rubber and felt carpet pad that delivers a solid grip with average levels of cushioning.

Contour Lock’s solid design shields hardwood flooring from scratching and carpet backings, which also makes it a perfect partner for carpeting with demanding backings; it is especially well-suited to flat-woven rugs like Kilims, Dhurries, and Soumaks.

Contour Lock’s sensed is heat-pressed into some 1/8″-thick density and firmly fastened to the base of the area rug. The backing is made of a natural rubber mix that contains less clay filler to stop premature degradation of pads at high ranking places. (Artificial latex, aka styrene-butadiene, frequently is mixed with significantly less expensive clay fillers which cause the rubber to crackdown faster.)

Best Carpet Pads For Hardwood Floors

What size rug cushion should you purchase?

Usually, you would like the area rug pad to be marginally smaller than the area rug, therefore it does not show. A fantastic guideline is 1 inch less on every measurement. So, for those who have an area rug that is 8 x 10, you’d want it to be 7’10” x 9’10″…that is two ″ less on every measurement…or 1 inch less on every side.

You’d want to acquire an area rug pad that’s either the correct size or a little bigger and cut it to size.


Additionally, I purchased it online from amazon and it was sent in time and I saved a couple of bucks, I am really pleased with my purchase. If folks visit my living room the first thing which they ask Petorugs is, where did you purchase this carpet so that it indicates a stand out of area rugs in my home.

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