5+ Best Entry Rug for Hardwood Floor [Reviewed in 2020 USA]

Entry rugs are a superb addition to any house, not only can they include a depth of elegance and style to a hallway and reception space, but they also protect your hardwood floors from scuffs and scratches, particularly in high traffic locations. If you’re not sure to find the best entry rug for hardwood floor to purchase for your house or what style choices that you have, do not worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve tried, tested, and assessed the ideal entry rugs for hardwood floors in 2020 to ensure you could pick out the ideal product for your house.

Why should you need the entry rugs for a hardwood floor?

There are many motives for that, you need tools for the hardwood floor. Understanding the motives can allow you to comprehend the advantages of the products.

Thus, to aid you, we’re just about to speak about a few reasons for which you may require entrance rugs for the hardwood floor.

It will allow you to keep your inside clean.

This is only one of the most essential causes of which you must purchase an entry rug to the hardwood flooring. It’s among the safest methods to maintain your inside clean.

There are many resources where dust will enter your room. Along with your entryway, rugs will protect your inside from becoming dirty. Therefore, if you’re considering buying an entryway rug, then it’ll be a fantastic choice.

It will allow you to maintain the condition of the floor.

It’s essential to maintain your flooring in the very best condition. We are aware there is a fantastic sum of money involved in producing flooring.

Because of this, it’s our responsibility to maintain our flooring wholesomely. Consequently, if you purchase an entry rug, then the status of the flooring will be useful. In any case, it is going to be easier for you to roll up your seat easily.

For this reason, you can see it is quite a substantial thing in regards to purchasing the very best entrance rugs for hardwood flooring.

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5 Entryway Rugs For Hardwood Floor

1. Safavieh’s Bohemian Chic Madison Entry Rugs

The Safavieh Madison assortment comes in a variety of beautiful bohemian layouts, but they retain the exact same design principles to supply you with a superb entry rug to your hardwood flooring. The Safavieh range is supposed to function as liveable and also to provide you complete ease of use, the absence of shedding makes sure you don’t need to devote time frequently hoovering and selecting fibers up.

best entry rug for hardwood floor

It’s obviously a danger buying rugs for entrance halls because you would like to ensure there is sufficient clearance between the door and the carpet. Safavieh has made sure this is not a problem by designing their scope into a maximum height of .375 inches, so this way you can make certain there is sufficient clearance to restrict damaging the carpet along with your doorway.

Rugs can be tricky to clean, particularly if they’re compact and fibrous, Safavieh has generated their goods with regular living in your mind and have made sure that you will not need to be concerned about cleaning them. All their products come with stain repellent technology to be certain they’re simple to wash. On account of this fiber structure, dander and hair also struggle to adhere to it, which makes it friendlier.


  • A range of classic and contemporary designs to add sophistication to any hallway
  • Ideal for a house with high traffic as most of the rugs have stain repellent technology
  • Low fiber profile to permit for door clearance
  • Durable design results in a product that does not shed
  • Distressed look to provide an on-trend advantage


  • Because of the way it is packed, It might take a while to flatten out
  • If you do not have any trigger pads, the rug may slide on wood

2. Gorilla Grip Original Permanent Rubber Door Rug

If you’re trying to find a durable entry rug, then you’re in the ideal location. It’s among the most lasting products you will locate.

You are able to realize that purchasing this item is almost always a fantastic idea. To be exact, you can think it to be a fantastic investment since it will remain by your side for quite a while.

best entry rug for hardwood floor

Aside from that, it includes various qualities which can allow you to secure your flooring with no difficulties.

Among those splendid facets of this product is it will absorb dust and dampness in the ground and maintain your flooring shielded. To be exact, if you attract this merchandise on the boards, then you do not need to think about anything.


  • It’s a rather durable and secure product. Consequently, you do not need to wait until bringing this rug onto the tables.
  • Among the greatest parts about this entry pad is the fact that it’s capable of absorbing moisture and dirt out of the ground.
  • It’ll make your floor look trendy. And for this reason, it is going to enhance the room decoration.


Some of us are saying the corners of the rugs aren’t around the mark.

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3. BEAU JARDIN Floor Rugs

This entrance rugs come in various sizes so that you can select the one that’s ideal for your entryway.

It’s intended to absorb sand, water dust, slush, rain, sleet, bud, or snow along with whatever else which shoes or feet can drag from out.

best entry rug for hardwood floor

For example, it absorbs all of the wipes and dust off the sand in your feet and sneakers. In addition, it scratches off grass and leaves from your sneakers with a great deal of simplicity and does not possess a bad smell after consuming all of this stuff.

When it is snowing out, this rug is useful since it absorbs snow out of your shoes within minutes. Again, when you have pets inside your property, you shouldn’t overlook this rug, for it absorbs dirt or sand in their paws; hence, no pet footprints on the ground.

To be able to keep on the ground, this rug has a rubber grip that doesn’t stick on the ground but grips it securely.

It’s also a very low profile so that you don’t need to think about the door glazing within it.

The BEAU JARDIN entrance pad comes in seven distinct colours, so you shouldn’t worry about fitting the subject of your dwelling.

Most of all, you may even decide to machine wash it by hand in cold water.


  • High-quality fiber
  • It’s highly absorbent
  • You may select the colour you desire as it comes in various colours.
  • Really easy to clean since It doesn’t stain easily
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Machine washable
  • It’s very soft and comfy under the toes


  • It sheds a good deal during the initial scrub, which can be standard for fiber rugs

4. CLIMATEX Indoor Outdoor Rubber Scraper Rug

Good features: The Climatex rubber scraper rug is one rug that can either make you want to purchase it at first glance or never need it all, similar to Dalgona java.

It includes a dark blue, navy type of colour that likewise gives colors of charcoal. The rug is constructed from extremely durable, heavy material that may likewise be viewed in industrial standard rugs.

best entry rug for hardwood floor

The measurements on this can be 36-inch x 6-foot, 10-foot and 20-foot while the outstanding substances used in the manufacturing are rubberized.

The rug was made to possess parallel ridges that assist with trapping sand, sand, water and also to keep flooring mess-free, supplying traction made for high traffic areas and ready to withstand many indoor and outdoor surroundings.

It is possible to take advantage of this rug at the entrance, on your hallway, or out of your patio door to help clean to keep sand, sand, and dirt out.

Cleaning the rug is simple too, simply use water through the hose and wash the sand away and you would be all set.

Bad features: The mat is quite thin making it not appropriate in certain instances where there may be heavy pressure exerted to the mat.

Overall Opinion

The Climatex rug is among the greatest entrance rugs for hardwood flooring which really is a fantastic selection for regular heavy-duty use. It may not be for those that are into colours and choices, but the lots of excellent customer testimonials imply it is indeed a popular cake.

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5. WaterHog Fashion Commercial-Grade Entrance Rug

The WaterHog includes advanced design features that function to keep your house clean, dry and free of grit and dirt. The elevated nubs make certain any debris that falls off your sneakers or pets as you walk is recorded below foot level, therefore it can not be emptied into the remainder of your house.

best entry rug for hardwood floor

The building of the rugs provides you with a product that’s fast-drying and will not smell. More frequently than not, additional rugss may have a build-up of mold and mould, but because of the nubs the Waterhog utilizes, this does not occur. The Waterhog can also be fade and stain resistant, therefore even in the event that you leave it out on your doorstep in sunlight, you can make certain the colour and layout will not fade.

I love having the Waterhog within my house, although it does not feel as pleasant underfoot as other goods we’ve reviewed, its usefulness leaves you to forget about it. You won’t need to worry about cleaning up after your kids or pets once they arrive in filthy, since the Waterhog captures it all. You might even take solace in the fact that the Waterhog will not slip and slide across your hardwood floors and additionally, it won’t harm your floorboards.


  • Licensed non-slip bottom
  • Rubber reinforcement for high traffic areas
  • The damn design keeps dirt and water from the rugs
  • Does not fade in sunlight and is not influenced by ice
  • Quick-drying and does not smell


  • Could be hard to wash
  • Because of this layout nubs, it can be challenging to vacuum


In conclusion, Petorug.com chosen and reviewed the best entry rug for hardwood floor within this report. These rugs won’t just protect your flooring but also add a little design to the entryway.

The most significant point to note when deciding upon entry rug to get a hardwood flooring is the fact that it ought to have a PVC or rubber backing.

The backing will help to keep the rug in position, in addition, to prevent moisture from bending and getting on to the ground. The very last thing you need is water or moisture onto your hardwood flooring since this may damage it.

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