5+ Best Jute Rug For Dining Room Of 2020 In USA

Now let’s talk about the best jute rug for dining room. What exactly are they? Are they comfy? Can they survive? I will answer all your burning jute rug questions since I know you have to have many. I’ll also share with you my private jute rug review in addition to my best ten jute rug selections.

Jute rugs are a rather common rug choice nowadays. They are frequently utilized at the rustic farmhouse decor design due to their simplicity, feel and neutral tones. This is only one reason why I bought one for my house.

Not merely do jute rugs utilize farmhouse style however they can also be utilized with almost any decor style as they’re so impartial.

They really are the ideal addition to any area.

What’s jute?

Jute is a vegetable fiber. This shiny, long, and soft fiber can be spun into threads that are rough and long. They vary in colors, from multicolored to brownish and they are in the duration of 3-13 feet.

Is jute a fantastic rug material?

Jute is unquestionably a fantastic rug material. It is rather durable, on a scale from 1 to 100 I would say it’s about a 70. Jute can fade immune from sunlight in addition to using heat and sound-absorbing capacities. All of these are excellent attributes that make jute fantastic rug material.

Does a jute rug require for a pad?

A pad is not required to get a jute rug, but it is a great idea to use one to prevent the rug from slipping around anyplace.

Another reason I like using a rug pad would be for that additional layer of security for my hardwood flooring. Spills and accidents happen thus understanding there’s a rug pad between the rug and my hardwood, strengthens my thoughts.

5 Best Jute Rug for Dining Room

1. Chenille Jute Rug from West Elm

First, I wanna review the products that I actually used for 7 years.

At the moment, I was on a complete West Elm kick and if you’re acquainted with West Elm you understand they are not affordable. Obviously, I needed to actually be in love with something to commit the money inside, and with this particular jute chenille rug it had been love.

This jute rug review was around 7 years in the building. So it is safe to say that I really analyzed it out. Below are my personal pros and cons I’ve with the rug. Things I discovered over the last few years along with my feelings on these.

Best Jute Rug For Dining Room


The appearance:

  • I adore the color of mixing and the chenille using the jute adds another layer of texture to the carpet.
  • I really like it is reversible. I feel as if it extended the lifetime of my carpet.
  • Just how simple it’s to wash.
  • I vacuum it a couple of times per week and it is perfect. In terms of pet stains and other clogs, I believe it is simple to remove most stains if they’re captured in time.
  • It is pretty dang durable.
  • There wasn’t any evaporating whatsoever and that I have not seen any signs of fraying. As I mentioned previously, it had it as a great deal and it makes my home beautifully.


  • It may find a small smell on more humid times.
  • Just like a musty odor. But, I simply sprinkle some baking soda onto the rug, allow it to sit for one hour, and then vacuum it up along with the odor is gone.

The texture:

Though it’s a jute chenille rug, I am not fond of how it feels. Now, this is 100 percent a private opinion. A good deal of individuals adores how jute feels and locates it soft. Regrettably, I’m none of these individuals.

In summary, I’m completely happy with my jute chenille rug to buy. And it worth. While I moved it from my principal living room into the cellar, I love it and will continue to appreciate it.

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2. Hand Woven Natural Jute Area Rug

This rug is superb! I poured all kinds of woven rugs before settling on this one. This one is certainly the ideal rug for the cost I could find. It appears much more $$ than it is!

Best Jute Rug For Dining Room

It is quite soft to the feet, and it’s a superb hand-made look comprising different all-natural colors and massive knots. It is really stunning, and we’ve received lots of compliments. It may be utilized in any sort of space from casual to formal. We’ve got it in our Great Room. You can not beat Amazon’s complimentary 2-day Prime transport, needless to say. This rug is a winner!

3. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Hand Woven Marble and Grey Jute Area Rug

This carpet is precisely what we were searching for in our new”glossy” / contemporary house – we’ve taupe-ish hardwood (greys & beiges) with light & dark gray walls, and a dark gray sofa. Our daughter sat on the ground last night and although it was not just a soft cushion I believe it was nice. Barefoot can feel a little rough but it does not hurt or disturb.

4. Zara Striped Jute Rug

Best Jute Rug For Dining Room

This is a stunning product from Zara which could help to make your home more beautiful.  I’ve purchased a striped blind for my kid’s room and that I believe these would work nicely together. In addition, I enjoy the concept of getting rugs on the first floor of the home. Primarily, because my children’s rooms are on this ground, significance durability is crucial, but because I enjoy the consistency this could bring involving the chambers.

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5. Lohals Ikea Rug

I can’t praise the Ikea Lohals rug. It’s a small rough underfoot, as you would expect to get a jute carpet, but at significantly less than #100 to get a 200x300cm rug, its exceptional price. It is long-lasting and will work nicely with a great deal of inner schemes.


With all the information about the jute rug on Petorugs, we hope that you can clear your mind among thousands of products on the market and choose a perfect one to decorate your home.

Comment below to tell us which one do you like!

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