3+ Best Rubber Backed Rugs on Hardwood Floors of 2020 in USA

Best Rubber Backed Rugs on Hardwood Floors

If you’re wondering what would be the most effective Rubber-backed rugs for hardwood flooring than you want to read this article. I am sorry to disappoint you but don’t waste your own time and cash on a rubber backed rugs when you’ve got hardwood flooring.

What’s the ideal method to secure your hardwood flooring from rugs?

The very best approach to shields your hardwood flooring from becoming ruined by using carpets is to purchase a rug pad.

Why you need padding under a local rug

Prevents scratches against the region rug which may destroy your hardwood flooring (in addition to vinyl and laminate ). Prolongs the floor’s end and averts rug bleed through.

Prevents the carpet from slipping (making your area safer)

Provides additional softness, softness, and heat in the room

Reduces sound transmission

Helps your area rug last more. According to the Carpet Rug Institute, both rugs and area rugs last longer when they need to cushion. The thicker the carpet padding, the more insulation, insulating material, and sounding proofing you will enjoy.

Which are the best kinds of stuff for area rug pads, even when you’ve got hardwood floors?

To begin with, allow me to just say for the record that you’re better off using cushioning that’s especially intended for area rugs (not the kind that’s created for the wall to wall carpeting ). Each is designed and optimized for its own applications. Carpet pillow for wall-to-wall carpet doesn’t have all the ideal properties for rugs carpets, and it can in reality damage your flooring.

By way of instance, a number of carpet padding is made from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and this can probably wreak havoc in various kinds of flooring. Additionally, these lack the rubber backing which retains the place rug in place, preventing falling.

You will find 3 generally accepted kinds of substances used for area rug padding:

  • Felt
  • Natural rubber
  • Combo of natural and felt rubber

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3 Rubber Backed Rugs on Hardwood Floors

1. Area carpet pad gorilla grip

It is a superb area rug pad made specifically for hardwood floors. It is made with felt and natural rubber (as you will notice — the ideal combo) and it is extra thick to get more cushioning. It is hypoallergenic with no dangerous compounds, VOCs, or off-gassing. It is made in the United States.

Additionally, you will also see that it’s among the most inexpensive high-quality place rug pads you’ll discover online.

You will want to obtain the ideal size depending on the dimensions of your area rug. The is made to be marginally smaller than the area carpet so the padding does not show. Additionally, it is designed so it is super simple to cut and cut to the specific size you want.

2. Mohawk Home Double Surface Carpet

This regular 1/4-inch thick carpet pad has excellent reviews from clients who rave about its depth and the way that it helps to carpet lay completely flat underfoot. Unlike cheaper foam carpet pads, this one really makes your carpet feel much more comfortable, as a result of its sensed construction.

This reversible pad includes a fiber side which grips your carpet and a rubberized side to securely adhere to flooring — do not worry, there is simply no adhesive or other harmful substances.

Even laminate hardwood flooring will stay pristine with this pad! Additionally, it has been certified Green Label Plus, which means that you may feel assured it is an eco-friendly option.

Best, however, it comes in 18 sizes. Simply select the one nearest to your carpeting’ dimensions, then cut off any excess stuff.

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3. RUGPADUSA Memory Foam Rug Pad

An alternative to conventional felt and foam carpet pads, this splurge-worthy memory foam carpet pad is created with 1/2-inch thick memory foam, making it among the lightest pads you’ll find in the marketplace. (You may also score it in 1/4-inch depth if you are following a decrease density.)

Among the advantages of selecting a greater density pad is that it elevates your own area rug marginally making it feel fuller and much more cushioned.

Take note though that, should you use this with a thinner area rug, your carpet will sit on the ground. Its thick structure provides a few soundproofing, and also this specific pad can also be watertight.


As you may see, area rug pads may make a large difference from the comfort, durability, and security for your own area rug. Selecting the best one will also help you conserve your hardwood flooring (as well as maintain the indoor air quality safer).

So choose wisely and do not worry here.

It is well worth it to pay the additional $20-$50 to get a greater carpet cushion. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. And, keep in mind that picking the ideal area rug pad will ultimately help you save money in the long term.

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