5+ Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors [Reviewed in 2020]

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

A mutual thing that may occur using the incorrect kind of carpet pad on vinyl and linoleum flooring is the carpet pad may damage the ground. There are lots of carpet pads available that have glue that may stick to and damage vinyl flooring. The best rug pads for vinyl floors and linoleum flooring are either a strong felt carpet pad or a rubber and felt blend rug pad.

5 Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

1. RUGPADUSA Anchor Grip, 5′ Round, 1/8″ Thick

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

The newest RUGPADUSA provides its clients with a one hundred per cent felt rubberized anchor traction, to best protect your vinyl floors. The newest offers users three distinct versions of depth, that being one-quarter of an inch, 1 eighth of an inch, and three-eights of an inch. This item is largely utilized to safeguard rugs onto laminate floors, this is carried out using a diagonal waffle consistency to assist keep carpets secure and halt the chance of them falling, because of this excess grip.

The pads are coated with rubber to guarantee the merchandise durability; the anchor grips are created using recycled rubber and felt, with no extra PVC. When employing this particular anchor grip, it’s necessary that the floors you would like to install it is dry and clean, this can allow for optimal results and a pre-longed usage interval free of movement.


  • This product utilized recycled materials.
  • They offer you a plethora of sizes to match the requirements of their client.
  • It provides your flooring additional protection as a result of extra felt utilized to make the item.
  • The rubberized base allows for a natural grasp without a chemically added materials to make sure that it sticks, or that may ruin the floor.
  • On account of this extra felt material in the item, it provides customers with a continuously springing and comfortable rug.


  • This item is targeted at laminate floors, not especially vinyl.
  • There might be a rubber bottom into the anchor pad to guarantee safety after setup.

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2. RUGPADUSA Basics Felt Rug Pad

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

Regardless of the durability which laminate flooring is famous for, you need to be careful when selecting a rug pad, because latex, rubber, bio-based fillers, along with other substances might react with the surface of your floors. Manufacturers typically offer advice about what to search for when selecting a carpet pad for laminate flooring but felt carpet pads are frequently a soft and secure wager.

This 100 per cent sensed carpet pad out of Carpet Cleaners USA is created with no latex, rubber, PVC, or adhesive and is deemed safe for both laminate and hardwood flooring. The carpet pad is available in assorted sizes and thickness which range from 0.25 to 0.5 inches. Remember that there is not a great deal of traction supplied by this kind of rug pad, so it is ideal for rugs which are complemented by furniture.

3. Durahold Plus Non Slip Rug Pad

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

For additional traction, or when you’ve got higher-quality rugs, think about that the 1/3-inch-thick felt-and-rubber Durahold Plus Non-Slip Rug Pad, a favourite among our specialists and a number of our testers. It holds on to either the carpet and the floor, as a result of heat-pressed diamond-shaped grooves on the top and business rubber on the floor. This layout makes it particularly great for high-traffic places, or when you have pets or children who prefer to move carpets round. The Durahold’s denser felt will even appear better to wear compared to our principal choice’s and will not flatten out with usage. This pad comes in several sizes and prices roughly two times as far as the Mohawk Home. No-Muv, the company which makes Durahold pads, supplies a 10-year guarantee.

4. Gorilla Grip Original Gripper Area Rug Pad

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Floors

A narrow rug is frequently utilized in high traffic areas or in areas where a non-toxic rug is vital for door clearance. The Gorilla Grip Original Gripper Rug Pad is a slender and smooth alternative for adding some flooring security and traction to your thin carpeting without producing a tripping hazard or doorway hindrance. This carpet pad steps just 25 inches thick and includes one facet of felted material along with a flipside using 100% natural rubber.

Despite being slim, this carpet pad stands around the requirements of busy children and pets, exercise gear and wheels, and other forces that threaten to pull out the lean rug from beneath your feet. The rubberized surface does a decent job of maintaining thin rugs set up.

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5. Best carpet pad for big rugs or rugs beneath furniture

There are times that you’ve got an extremely big rug or even a carpet which sits beneath the furniture. You would like your mat to protect your hardwood, your carpeting, and provide you with comfort underfoot. The fantastic thing with these carpets is that you do not need to be worried about bunching or slipping.

In such scenarios, you could skip having rubber on your mat. This will help save you a bit of money out of our general favourite mat, but it still provides you with all of the advantages you want. In cases like this, my preferred pad is that 100% felt buckle.

Frequent Asked Question

Can I place Penney’s bathroom carpeting on a Karndean vinyl flooring or in addition to your carpet pads?

Regrettably, I can not talk about the merchandise we do not carry, but we certainly have carpet pads which work nicely on vinyl flooring, as an instance, our Anchor Grip and Eco Plush pads. But prior to making a buy I advise that you contact your flooring’s manufacturer for their particular instructions on what could be put back on your flooring.

I’m told that many kinds of area rug pads will yellowish my luxury vinyl plank floors. What do you advocate in this example? I believe I want something which is BHT Certified.

Please contact the producer of your flooring type since they are going to have instructions on what is and is not safe. I’m almost certain they’ll recommend that you steer clear of rubber. The pad which we mainly sell to customers with your flooring kind is Anchor Grip, and it can be a soybean oil-based plastic mix.

I’ve light vinyl kitchen flooring that floats with latex-based pads. Can you provide any pads which will not discolour mild vinyl?

We utilize plant-based oils rather of different fillers which could stain flooring. By way of instance, a number of cheap pads contain phthalates that respond with specific floor finishes. Our pads won’t stain or discolour your lighting vinyl flooring.

Could I use an Anchor Grip pad in my luxury vinyl plank flooring? I’d love to place this pad below a gel mat.

We discover that the company grip and flooring security of the Anchor Grip pad also make it a favourite choice among clients having exactly the exact same sort of flooring as yours. But, I really do recommend you calling the flooring’s manufacturer for certain guidelines on which you could utilize.

We will be installing luxury vinyl plank floors throughout the home this month. I want many carpet pads (some little, but many for 9’x 12′ and 8′ x 10′ rugs). I would like pads with thicker cushioning and wonder exactly what you recommend.

To start with, please contact your flooring manufacturer since they’ll have specific guidelines on your floor type. Having said this, clients with vinyl flooring have a tendency to buy our Anchor Grip pad. This really is a soybean oil-based plastic mix that’s secure for all hardwood flooring, finishes, and laminates. It’s a solid grasp and a generous layer of cushioning for a plush texture.


For people trying to find a means to guard a rug and shield a vinyl or linoleum flooring, the ideal rug pad will make all of the difference. Make sure you locate a shop that provides quality recycled felt or recycled felt and organic plastic mix rug pad to prolong the life span of your carpeting and flooring.

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