5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]

best rug under office chair

From the working environment in which a selection of office chairs have been used, folks tend to use carpet to not just guard their seat but also the flooring.

But once we use the workplace seat on the carpet right, seat wheels may rip a rug protect. Therefore, picking the ideal rug to chair mats can make sure security for those seats, the floor in addition to carpeting.

In the industry today, the producers have provided many different attractive seat mats with exceptional functions. To support customers in choosing the most appropriate products, Petorugs quite happy to present the top 5 best rug under office chair.

5 Best Rug Under Office Chair

1. Double Verify Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]

The most essential component that determines your seat mat is going to be a good one or not is all about the weight capability of it and that I presume Dual Check Products Chair Mat could be regarded as the ideal office chair mat for rug.

It’s really”Heavy-duty, Sturdy and Thick” together with all the depth around 1/8 inches. The dimensions of the seat flooring insure are 36×48 inches and pounds capacity approx 200 pounds.

The seat mat is devised from top polycarbonate that’s the very best material unbeatable durability and guaranteed to not crack, crack, scratch or float; therefore, clients can easily sit on the recliner or roll up it easily.

As a result of the substance, the item includes a solid and firm surface to ensure the wheel casters won’t leave indentations. Moreover, the studs maintain the seat mat securely in place made to be used on medium-pile or non-carpeting.

With the horizontal rugs, the studs could not latch on these so we should not use this item on horizontal floorings. The item remains blended with inflexible material to maintain the corners of the mat will not be emptied up.

The product is made with exceptionally transparent to permit the superb splendor of the carpeting to glow through. The seat mat does not include any phthalate and volatile poisonous.

The producer has supplied two distinct shapes such as the first rectangle and rectangle together with all lip. The rectangle with all the lip will encourage customers to guard the rug under the desk.

What We Liked

  • Heavy-duty and thick seat mat
  • It Is Made of premium polycarbonate
  • The mat is strong and durable to stop indentations
  • Provided exceptionally transparent to glow through

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may move all of the horizontal carpets readily

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2. Somolux Rectangular Office Chair Mat

5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]

List of notable features:

  • Somolux Rectangular Office Chair Mat Review
  • Suited to hardwood, flooring, laminated, linoleum, and concrete flooring
  • BPA-free, no cadmium, no tin, no direct, no phthalate
  • Smooth face, smooth underside

Tough floor owners looking for a flexible rectangular seat mat which matches all sorts of office designs will not fail with all the Sololux Office Chair Mat.

Rectangular in form and coming in an extremely transparent conclusion, this item is flexible enough to be utilized in various workstation configurations without messing with your workplace colour scheme. It’s a fantastic weight that provides the impression of sturdiness. Office chair casters will not dent it.

1 bonus that lots of buyers adore is a simple fact that it boasts a non-toxic work atmosphere. It doesn’t contain lots of the typical toxic chemicals that plastic occasionally comprises. It’s a minimal chemical emission, aside from being completely odour free.

So far as shortcomings, 1 owner complained that the mat was not possible to completely flatten after un-packaging, although this appears to be an isolated episode.

In conclusion, the Somolux has the durability and flexibility you want to safeguard your hard floor irrespective of how you install your own workspace.

3. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]

List of notable features:

  • AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat
  • Suitable for large pile rugs
  • Phthalate-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Transparent
  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Smooth surface with studded underside

In case a protective covering for thick carpeting is exactly what you’re searching for, then you won’t fail with all the Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat from AmazonBasics.

Produced of non-toxic material, this recyclable item has exactly what it takes to guard your shag rug when providing you with a secure working environment. It is clear that it works for all kinds of decor. Additionally, it is tough enough to endure for many years even while encouraging up to 500 lbs of weight.

The surface of this AmazonBasics seat mat is easy to supply a good glide to your seat’s casters. In terms of the bottom, it’s outfitted with grippers that allow it remains firmly in place in addition to thick carpets. The grippers together with the firm substance prevent the mat from bunching up, a feat that lots of buyers commended.

There are a number of things, however, that you will need to be mindful of when using this AmazonBasics mat. To begin, you have to take care when unpacking it because buyers stated that it”stinks” open. Everything you are going to want to do is get the support of another individual so that you may gradually unfold it. The grippers are about the side too.

After all, these disadvantages are actually a few of the things which make it a fantastic item.

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4. Evolve Modern Shape Mat

5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]

The Evolve Modern Shape seat mat is crafted especially to match the contemporary five-star office seats and comes with a rectangular silhouette using a gripper backing. This may give your low to medium pile carpeted floor together with all the security you’re looking for and is made using a proprietary formulation to supply high performance.

Produced in the united states, this item sits apartment, caring for issues with creasing, warping, unrolling, or additional damage dangers. The mat is thick, covers a large surface area, also contains an inexpensive cost in comparison to other mats of comparable quality.

Considering that the mat comes flat-packed, it is much less convenient to manage initially as mats which arrive wrapped upward, but that is temporary. The seat fits perfectly into almost any home den or office, helping your seat from becoming stuck in the ground. This office chair seat mat includes a crystal clear appearance so you can still see the floor, therefore it will not stand out too much and disrupt the décor of this room.

Most seat mats follow the layout that has been used at the previous 50 decades back, which was made when people still employed pedestal desks. The rectangular lip of those mats needed a narrow opening to accommodate the legs and provided extra protection to this distance, therefore it would not get worn out of the wheels.

Over the past 50 decades, as the normal office chair evolved from the four and three wheelbases into the enhanced five-wheel design and also the old-fashioned base desks evolved into open fashions for your office and home, a person forgot to upgrade chair mats.

However, the Evolve Modern Shape Office Chair Mats has changed the paradigm by using their product. Their seat mat results in vigorous research to contemporary furniture design as it relates to the office chairs of today.

5. Deflect-O Studded Chair Mat

5+ Best Rug Under Office Chair [Reviewed in 2020]


Studded, protective vinyl bevelled seat mat to get maximum pile/plush carpet with padding

Maximum transparency and clarity, allowing the beauty of carpeting to show through

Smooth bevelled edges for Simple roll on and roll-off

The textured top surface is slip and scuff-resistant

Unique notched stud design grips carpet without piercing or damaging carpet backing

This mat out of Deflect-O was created particularly for tiled flooring. The bottom of the mat includes little studs which will grip carpet fibers to avoid slipping, however, they won’t damage it. It’s made of sturdy polycarbonate that will not bend or bend around the borders. Additionally, it is powerful enough to prevent wheels from thumping or round the mat while still seated in your desk chair.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing an Office Chair Mat


When picking the best office chair mat, the very first thing that you want to think about is the kind of flooring you’ve got.

Carpeted flooring require mats which are cleated or spiked to stop it from sliding. Meanwhile, hard floors may have ruined from such spikes so we urge mats using a smooth underside surface.


Taking a look at the graph above, you’ll observe that the top type you have will also dictate the very ideal depth to your own mat. There are lots of reasons for it.

A thin mat meant for low pile carpet flooring will only cause your workplace to sink back on a plush rug, which makes it difficult to maneuver. A heftier office chair mat may be too thick and harm low-pile carpeting.

The Way to Quantify Carpet Thickness

Straighten the conclusion of a paper clip and shove it on your own carpeting till it touches the floor. Use your palms indicate the stage in the clip where it is flush with the carpeting. Use a ruler to ascertain the distance from the fingers towards the end of the paper clip. This is the rug’s thickness.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate, and tempered glass — all these are the most frequent substances which you may get in regards to office chair mats.

PVC, or vinyl, mats are lightweight, light, and economical. This makes them a fantastic solution for mild home office usage. Since vinyl mats are lean, they ought to just be utilized for hard floors and low and conventional pile carpeting. Transparent ones work well in showcasing exquisite hardwood flooring while coloured or stained PVC mats may add beauty to an otherwise office.

Polycarbonate is a robust and durable material that could take heavier weights and more regular use. Office chair mats produced from this substance come in various thicknesses. Exactly like PVC mats, you’ll find transparent and distinct colour choices.

Last, you can really go for tempered glass mats, the most durable (and pricey ) from the 3 substances we mentioned. It is regarded as the most eco-friendly also, together with the lifespan of numerous plastic mats.

Besides being appropriate for many surface types, the potency of a tempered glass mat makes it the ideal option for large and heavy users. Additionally you won’t have some difficulties with sinking, curling, or bending because it is an entirely smooth, flat surface.


The very best carpet chair mats won’t just protect the carpeting from breaking up but also maintain great health for consumers. Clients should pick the most acceptable product for their operating environment to get the best outcomes.

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