5+ Best Type of Rug for High Traffic Area of USA in 2020

Best Type of Rug for High Traffic Area

Detecting a rug which not only appeals to you personally but also physically matches and stylistically matches your house can sometimes be a challenge. Beyond appearances, it is important to also understand where the carpet will proceed in your house and when it is a substance appropriate to take the wear and tear of our flooring handle on a daily basis. It might be a pity for the brand-new rug to wind up looking worn and old only months after it is brought to your home; we are here to help you avoid this issue.

There are a number of areas in the house that may be considered top traffic or tread frequently. These regions might be: top in the front entrance, a major hallway, stairwells, a route to the kitchen, kids rooms, etc.. What is crucial is finding a suitable carpet which not only looks great but will also wear suitably over time, not seem old and tattered.

Follow this entire guide of Petorugs for choosing the best type of rug for high traffic area can allow you to decide on the perfect area rug for the area!

5 of the Best Rug Material Choice for High-Traffic Area

1. Nylon

Nylon carpets and area rugs are the most lasting of synthetic fiber rugs. They are well-known for their ability to remain strong during heavy foot traffic. Because of this, they are among the most frequent rugs which are available now. Nylon’s fibers can also be breed resistant and hard to rip. Part of this is a result of the simple fact that nylon rugs and carpeting are solution-dyed, together with the colour diving deep to all your carpet’s fibers instead of simply sitting.

What else makes one of the very best commercial rug alternatives for high traffic areas? They will bring beauty and style in your area and delight your visitors. Our own choice of commercial nylon rugs and carpets come in a vast array of shades and designs, ensuring that you can get the industrial rug that you dream about regarding both function and design.

2. Wool

Wool is regarded as among the most lasting materials of most, which makes wool carpets a favourite choice among homeowners. Carpets made of wool are more of an investment compared to those created out of artificial fibers, but generally, wool rugs tend to survive for several years to come.

One more advantage of wool is softness. The large pile and delicate bit of yarn underfoot are clearly different from different materials. These springy, yet pliable fibers can repel stains and keep dirt to a minimum.

It’s also a substance that doesn’t harbour dust mites or even promote bacterial growth, always a plus to people who might suffer asthma or allergies. If you’re trying to find a rug that luxury but can hold up at a high traffic area, proceed together with wool.

Try this gorgeous navy rug out of Himalayan by Safavieh, which showcases a rich, textural heap and a tasteful layout sure to match any living, family or dining room.

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3. Durable Fibers

Most rugs in the U.S. are created from among six heap fibers: cotton, cotton, cotton, polypropylene, wool or acrylic. All are attractive for various reasons, however, if you’re searching for durability, then the only two at the race are wool and nylon.

Nylon is used in over fifty percent of the rugs made from the U.S. due to its resilient character. It does not feel quite as soft or lavish as fibers such as polyester or oil, but what it lacks in plushness it makes up for in strength.

Wool has a rich foundation for good reason. It creates a soft and exceptionally durable carpet. However, many wool combinations need more maintenance than nylon, making a much better option for anybody who does not have enough opportunity to wash their wool carpeting at least once every year.

4. Polypropylene

Possibly thought to be the most durable substance, polypropylene provides both mold and stain resistance. Because it’s also simple to wash, polypropylene rugs are a favourite pick for beachfront spaces. This type of rug may be used out by the pool or at almost any room in your house, particularly in high-traffic places.

Another advantage of polypropylene is it will maintain its colour well and will not fade in sunlight.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber which can hold up after heavy usage and is also simple to manufacture, which makes polypropylene carpets really reasonably priced. These carpets are also unbelievably soft to the touch and are totally nontoxic, meaning they’re secure to use in your house if you have pets.

Exhibiting a gorgeous geometric theme, this polypropylene rug in the Rafetus set by Surya would earn a fantastic alternative within an entryway or outside terrace, particularly in a mid-century contemporary home.

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How to Clean High-Traffic Rug

The very best method to prolong the life of carpeting, particularly in high-income locations, would be to take decent care of those. You ought to be vacuumed at least once every week to remove trapped dirt contaminants which may grind down the fibers and then make unsightly discolorations. Bear in mind, there is a right and a wrong way to vacuum be thorough and utilize the ideal vacuum and your carpet will thank you.

In addition, we suggest using a professional carpet cleaning service annually. Hot water cleanup steam or steam cleaning because it is often called, will extract grime that is deep in the fibers of the carpet wherever your vacuum can not reach. We strongly advise choosing a professional carpet cleaning service instead of leasing one and doing it yourself. The difference in results could be striking.


Now that we’ve discussed the very best carpets for high traffic areas, it is going to be simple for you to have a look at our choice of area rugs where you are able to locate polypropylene, polyester, and wool choices. You may shop online by clicking here or feel free to see our El Dorado Furniture showrooms located in Broward, Miami, Pinellas, Lee, Collier, and Palm Beach counties!

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