Can You Put Peavy Furniture On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Can You Put Peavy Furniture On Vinyl Plank Flooring

Your vinyl plank floors are unquestionably a lovely but very affordable quality for your house. Although it is less expensive than actual hardwood floors, it does not mean you have to replace it at once because you did not understand how to care for it. Vinyl plank floors are able to continue to keep its attractiveness for as many as 2 decades, as long as you take action to shield from scratches and scratches and stick to a cleaning regimen.

So can you place heavy furniture on the vinyl plank floor? The easy answer is yes. It is possible to put heavy furniture around the ground though there are safety measures you may want to observe. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your lovely flooring.

Let us explore hints, tricks, and product suggestions to make you feel sure doing what is needed to get your vinyl plank flooring looking great for quite a while.

Safeguard Your Vinyl from Heavy Furniture

I urge the X Protector Felt Furniture Pads. They are available in various colors, so it is possible to choose a shade that’s near the color of your floors. They also come in a selection of sizes and thicknesses. The pads have glue on one side of them that will allow it to stick to the legs of your furniture. Including chairs, sofas, tables, entertainment centers, etc.

For moving heavy appliances over your flooring, the New Haven Scuff Shield is a fantastic tool. It slides beneath your thick appliances then has a handle that is used to direct the appliance throughout the ground to the place you need. It’s intended only for transferring your appliances, not to keep them in place.

Safeguard Your Vinyl from Office Chairs

Can You Put Peavy Furniture On Vinyl Plank Flooring

Those rolling office chairs might be great for your home office, however, they might be a risk to your floor. The isolated pressure, the spinning, along with the friction of those small wheels placed on the ground underneath them can scratch, dent, and wear out your floors. It is possible to secure your flooring using a chair mat. Take care when picking your chair mat, as it is important to steer clear of any mat which has cleats or grippers on the bottom. These chair mats are for carpeted floors, not hard flooring. I Suggest that this Crystal Clear Chair Mat from MuArts. It is highly recommended since it’s crystal clear and thus that you may still show off your lovely flooring. Additionally, it is comfortable because unlike other chair mats this one is not slippery, which means that you won’t be rolling around in your seat when attempting to operate, you can only roll when you want to.

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Safeguard Your Vinyl out of Sliding Rugs

I strongly suggest using area rugs in the area of your home which sees a great deal of foot traffic. The hallway or area in front of the door is a good example of an area that would benefit from an area rug. Foot traffic will wear out your own flooring with time, dirt and debris may cause scratches.

Using a carpet can help to protect the floor from debris and dirt that’s naturally tracked into your house from outside. Another problem with area rugs is sliding. A sliding rug not only dangerous for you and your loved ones but also can lead to scratches. To maintain your carpets in place, I recommend a few different products:

X Protector Rug Grippers — All these grippers stick to the bottom corners of your carpet to maintain it in position and grip the floor. They’re designed also to assist with the issue of curling.

Safeguard Your Vinyl Flooring When You Have to Transfer a Heavy Kitchen Appliance?

Whether your fridge is in need of an update, or your previous oven is simply worn out, you’ll inevitably at some stage need to move a heavy kitchen appliance over your vinyl plank floor. Kitchen countertops are a menace for a floor if appropriate precautions aren’t taken.

These Glide N Guide Floor Gliders will protect your flooring and permit you to transfer your fridge, stove, washer, dryer, and freezer without even leaving scratches, scratches, and gouges. They serve as monitors to be slipped under the blower so it could be transferred easily.

Utilize a furniture lever over a doormat to lift the appliance on the floor gliders and you can be cònident to move your heavy appliances, if necessary for replacement, repair, or cleaning.

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Maintain Your Vinyl Plank Floors Clean


I hate sweeping. Someone is constantly leaving crumbs someplace, so it can not be avoided. In my old house, I used this electrical Swivel Sweeper which I totally adored! In fact, all of my friends bought it bécause they fell in love with it also. With the LVP, you are not supposed to have anything that has a beater bar on it though. I got this vacuum which has an option to use it without the beater bar turned on, and it is just fine. We must use this item to unclog it occasionally. My sister has a Dyson she loves for her hardwood flooring, but I can not really come to terms with all the cost on these babies.


The maintenance instructions for my LVP is to use a neutral cleaner. Being extra cautious, I have been using Bona Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner using a damp mop. The guy that set up my flooring said I could only use a mixture of water and vinegar, but I have yet to try this out. I will likely go that route once I move through my bottle of Bona. Among the wonderful things about my flooring is that you can not really tell when it is cluttered, so it does not get mopped much.


You do not want to use something which will scratch your flooring, so something gentle is great. I get it a little moist, spray on the Bona flooring cleaner on the ground, then wipe it off. So far so great.

Exercising care when lifting heavy furniture and appliances will guarantee your vinyl floors remain in great shape for many years to come. But in the event that you genuinely need to get the absolute most from your vinyl and also keep it looking pristine and spectacular, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

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