Top 10 Cork Area Rug You Will Love In 2022

Cork area rug would be the latest, most innovative means to deliver form and function in any area in your house or workplace. Cork is stain resistant, antifungal, mold, and mildew proof along with a natural flame retardant.

Cork has been sought after in the region of ​​interior design since it’s a versatile raw material, using exceptional attributes, with numerous recognized ecological advantages. The creation of cork doesn’t destroy trees. Following dehulling, the cork tree plays a self-regeneration procedure that has not ever been observed in any other forest species.

Considering all the advantages mentioned previously, Petorugs would like to present to you 10 cork room rug you will adore.

1. Handwoven cotton and silk carpets Boreal

The carpet “Boreal” provides a solid ice-blue dash of color into the home but radiates warmth and coziness. Recycled blue and black ivory-white cotton fibers are interwoven with organic brown silk fibers at a plain square weave pattern.

  • Cork’s most helpful properties match and stabilize the cotton cloth perfectly. It’s light, warm, flexible, and resistant to abrasion. Its closed substance arrangement supplies microbes with no surface to strike. Additionally, it dampens the noise of measures.
  • Weaving cork to a carpet is a complex technique developed by fabric designer Susana Godinho who set the workshop, Sugo Cork, in 2014 from the tiny Portuguese town of Santa Maria da Feira. A little team weaves the rugs manually, row by row, on traditional looms. Along with cork from accredited farming, just organic fibers like linen, wool, and recycled cotton are all utilized. The entire manufacturing procedure times in maximum quality and endurance.
  • Size: At the store, we provide a few recommended normal sizes. The carpet may also be produced in any bespoke dimensions from a tiny mat into some space-filling oversize carpeting. To figure out the cost for your favorite dimensions please contact us by telephone or email.
  • Rug’s boundaries: By default, the carpet finishes with boundaries knotted from a sheet, that can be a workable and strong solution. On the petition, the border can be completed with all the wool used for your carpet, either smooth or using fringes of 5 cm length. Should you prefer this, please inform us in the comment section of the checkout. Of course, you could also purchase by email or telephone.
  • Material: silk and cotton (weft threads), linen (warp threads and edge)

2. Solid Natural Cork Wool Rug – 5′ x 8′

Soft, pliable, and stain-resistant, a sisal boucle stitch highlights this machine-made wool rug. This area rug features a solid natural cork color.


  • Primary materials: Wool
  • Pile height: 0.47 inches
  • Style: Casual
  • Primary color: Natural\
  • Pattern: Solid
  • A Fantastic Excellent rug at a special value price.

3. Area carpet, Kids room decor, round carpet, Natural Fireplace

An area rug that will upgrade your children’s room decoration and add a drop of pleasure and beauty for it. The curved rug is constructed from natural pine with a hand exemplified fantasy tree print in. It is a natural color and feels fit perfectly in almost any neutral nursery, inviting your child’s imagination, creativity, and playfulness…

Roopa cork rug combines the natural cork surface along with all the conveniences of pure rubber. The thin elastic cork coating is incredibly pleasant to touch, and also the organic soft rubber gives a zero-slip coating to support the carpet!

We adore using cork since it’s a super Eco-friendly sustainable all-natural material. Not one Cork pine tree is cut down to create the cork! Plus it has numerous different advantages as it is antimicrobial, it comprises zero PVC’s or dangerous compounds.

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4. Rhodes 8 x 10 Area Rug in Cork – Linon RUG-RC0381

The Rhodes collection is an easy and gorgeous addition to any residence. This fashionable collection is accompanied by an excess bonus as Rhodes can be an environmentally friendly product. Together with the infinite border alternatives and Broadloom accessible this collection possibilities are infinite. Hand-Tufted and cried of 100% New Wool from the USA, select from 4 different mellow colors bound to decorate any home decor.

  • RUG-RC0381 Characteristics:
  • Material/Content: 100% Wool
  • Construction: Tufted
  • Backing: Jute
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Produced in the United States of America

5. Magic Circus Animal Rug

Made to look amazing in any young and fresh children’s spaces in the home. Worldwide shipping.

  • Best side: high quality, bamboo cloth which gives a nonskid surface.
  • Bottom side: natural rubber free from PVC, PER, TPE, or adhesives
  • Cork is antimicrobial and comprises zero PVC’s or dangerous compounds.

6. Handwoven rug of wool and bamboo

Wool can be dyed to a particular color using Pantone or other benchmark sequences. In cotton loop yarn certain colors are specified, using a mixed effect. Made from organic fibers, slight variation to color might happen.

Rugs created to bespoke dimensions available upon request, highest 200cm width. Edge might be trimmed with a sewn edge (as shown in the main picture ) or using fringes.

  • Quality: wool and silk
  • Thickness: 1.5 cm
  • Weight per square meter: 2 kgs
  • Dimensions: 200 x 300 cm
  • Hem/ weft: 100% Linen

7. Cork carpeting cork floor

It’s a pure product: cork is healthful, sustainable, and natural.

On quiet paws: Corkoleum includes a soundproofing effect.

  • Pleasant: Cork carpeting feels nicely on the nude skin also reflects the entire body heat, which provides distinctive haptics.
  • It’s an acoustically insulating effect too for tools and co.
  • Our merchandise also generates a thermally insulating effect
  • Allergy sufferers will adore this carpeting: cork carpeting is hypoallergenic.
  • Water-repellent: Cork has a pure nanostructure and repels dirt and water.

The item is strong and incredibly abrasion-resistant. Corkoleum also provides considerable benefits over other floor coverings. Specifically, the substance is simple and quick to lay. The reduced overall height of approx. 4mm creates the item flexible, even on existing floor coverings. In this regard, the item is extremely great for renovations.

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8. Cork Oak Apollo Plus Carpet

Having a mixture of tones, this two-ply twisted heap carpet provides you a flecked look making it simple to fit a vast selection of decorations and furnishings. Having a 6.5mm thick heap this rug is soft and comfortable underfoot, great for everywhere from the bedroom into your hall. The Carpet’s polypropylene fibers ensure it is lasting and stain-resistant, and imply you could wash it using dilute bleach, ideal for all of the messes and clogs of normal life.

Using its own woven back to make it more pliable, this rug is intended to be fitted within an underlay. It’s possible to boost the cushioning of your carpeting because you use it and also help prolong its lifetime with the ideal underlay.

9. Children’s Carpet Playcarpet Playmat

The creatures move into the children’s area – the real and natural representation of critters was intentionally placed here. This match rug is a true eye-catcher in each nursery. The children’s rug is comfy and enjoyable, it’s irresistible for infants who like to crawl, sit, and perform. Older kids use it to play, draw, jump, and dance.

The raw material silk impresses with its discreet naturalness and is recyclable and therefore environmentally exemplary and environmentally friendly. The drama carpeting is also the ideal choice for polyester or polyamide play rugs.

10. Scandinavian area rug, Living room inside, Triangle geometric print, Fireplace house decoration, Natural Fireplace rug

A Scandinavian area rug that comes with a minimalist geometric print on a neutral color scheme. It’ll look great against a rock, polished concrete, or tile flooring. A gorgeous house warming gift for home decor fans.

  • Roopa cork rug combines the natural cork surface along with all the conveniences of pure rubber.
  • The thin elastic cork coating is incredibly pleasant to touch, and also the organic soft rubber gives a zero-slip coating to support the carpet!
  • Additionally, bamboo is antimicrobial and comprises zero PVC’s or damaging compounds. Along with the bonus: It is sustainable and eco-friendly also!

Purchasing Guide

This guide will describe cork types, also, to educate you about the ecological advantages of cork carpeting. As you are reading throughout the Cork Rug Buying Guide, then you will discover convenient checklists; utilize them to collect information specific to purchase your bamboo carpeting.

Cork is harvested from the cork oak species. It’s strictly controlled, with harvesting restricted to nine-year cycles. Individual cork pine trees have to be at least 25 years old until they’re harvested. The trees are not cut. Just the bark has been removed.

In addition to its environmental advantages, there are lots of practical benefits of cork area carpeting. Cork is watertight (think of this cork in a jar ). It is also mold – and – mildew-resistant because of a natural waxy substance inherent in cork called suberin. Cork also has fire retardant and acoustical properties and can be springy, with the capacity to spring back after being compacted by furniture.

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