Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2021

Konya rugs: are famed and desired for their magnificent color, lustrous wool, and unfettered daring tribal drawing. Undoubtedly the most sought-after of classic Turkish village rugs, Konyas frequently have stepped geometric medallions, so-called “Memling Guys,” arranged as allover or central layouts. But all of the routines, these rugs consistently display a masterful mixture of assertive drawing and striking color juxtapositions. Konya rug is one of the most suitable things for your perfect residence. Because of that reason, Petorugs will give you the top 10 Konya rugs you may love in 2020.

Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020


Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020


Beautiful And Tribal Flat Woven Antique Turkish Konya Kilim Rug, Country Of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: 1860’s — This gorgeous tribal design classic tribal carpet was woven in Konya, Turkey, also contains distinctive geometric components which are observed throughout the art of the Ottoman Empire. This majestic classic Kilim rug utilizes vibrant color and higher contrast to make a stunning flat weave carpet that’s casual and boasts a simplistic and feminine appearance and texture.

Various sorts of classic rugs are located throughout Turkey through this time. . There are those who were created for public spaces and as stated by the style sensitivities of people who commissioned them. Nonetheless, this isn’t to say the artwork of carpet sheds was restricted to commissioned functions utilized from the expansive palaces. There continue to be those located in distant regions of Turkey, created through traditional tribal rugs that were part of the culture for hundreds, or maybe centuries.

Antique Turkish rugs were popular throughout Europe and the USA and found their way to formal Victorian parlors. They were valued for their rustic quality, as they are now.

This gorgeous apartment woven classic Konya carpet is of significance since it’s a traditional Turkish kilim rug that has been made by simple people, living a rustic life away from the formalities of town. This classic Turkish Konya Kilim rug is unusually well preserved because of its era, representing the high quality and attention that went into creating it the love it obtained by the men and women who have owned it all over the years. It’s a fantastic instance of the excellent Turkish kilim rugs which were accumulated by people from all walks of life within a previous couple of centuries. Irrespective of its location in history, it’s, undoubtedly, a superbly decorative rug that is going to be a genuine joy to have and live with.


Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020


A Beautiful Tribal Antique Turkish Konya Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Second Half of 19th Century — This vibrant classic tribal carpet from Konya, Turkey has a clearly Bohemian, eclectic feel. This spectacular classic runner carpet was made from the latter half of the 19th century. Konya is one of Turkey’s oldest cities and lots of the functions of art reflect historical customs that go back centuries, or even farther. This attractive classic Turkish Konya carpet captures the gist of the tribal origins of the historical town.

The classic Turkish carpet is split into four sections each of which can be laid out based on the star theme. This theme is a historical symbol that stands for pleasure in Turkish weaving and artwork. An individual may also understand the logo for the scorpion stitched to the corners of all the 3 squares. This was occasionally done to shield one by the sting of the scorpion.

The vivid colors of this classic rug are vibrant and change along the length of the runner. This accentuates the branch of this classic Turkish Konya runner carpet into four different sections. The repeating themes of this classic Oriental rug give it a feeling of order, however, the changing colors of this classic runner maintain the design clean.

This classic tribal Konya runner carpet from Turkey is superbly maintained, and the colors have stayed true through nearly one and a half decades, a testimony to the ability and mastery of their craftsmen. This is a beautiful and happy vibrant rug using a primitive and rustic feel. It will add color that can brighten any room without overwhelming or overpowering. It’s the sort of classic rug which could be integrated into a variety of interior layout approaches — from conventional to mid-century to contemporary — it works together.


Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020


Antique Tribal Turkish Konya Runner Rug 49100, Country of Origin / Rug Sort: Turkish Cabinets, Circa Date: 1850 — This lengthy, stunning Konya rug is exceptional in its use of color. Each one of the principal colors are organized in a vibrant set of moves and lines and the only big border was made to direct the viewer on a trip from the cover of the Turkish carpet to its underside. The inside of the gold edge is full of beautiful blossom structures, complemented by the existence of the occasional loose petal here and there. In the middle of this classic rug, the angular lines come together to make a string of 3 diamonds, every one of which includes a distinct interior color scheme.

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4. Konya Turkish-Design Kelim Rug – Wool

Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020

A stunning Kelim Rug in a traditional Turkish design in generally muted crimson and ground colours. Flat stitched with traditional procedures, our Konya Kilim Rug features the motifs of this akrep’ (the scorpion, a sign of pride and freedom ) in the borders and elibelinde’ (meaning hands on hips’, a sign of fertility and motherhood) closer to the centre.

5. Turkish Konya Rug carpet from Turkey

Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020


Konya rugs are wanted because of their magnificent colour, wealthy wool, and daring tribal designs. Using its simple layout rug components and vibrant colour this carpet is a masterpiece. The exceptional composition of the intriguing rug is a superb illustration of the enduring beauty of the tribal layout.


To keep the status and prolong the life span of your carpet, vacuum frequently and try our natural cleaning solutions. For hard-to-remove stains specialist care is advocated, contact Petorugs.

6. Antique Konya carpet

Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020

Konya – Displaying a yellow area and broad yellow elems, this small-format rug woven into the Konya area is owned by the yellow-ground Konya group, a word coined by Friedrich Spuhler which has gained currency since the publication of the Orient Stars Collection. A large, freestanding crossover having a deep aubergine floor was placed in the middle of the area while the spandrels are highlighted by triangles adorned with internal hooks. The edge layout contains crosses with scrolled outlines, while every elem reveals five enormous, frieze-like arrowheads. The carpeting is quite coarsely woven on a thin, firmly twisted wool twist, with lots of wefts inserted between the rows of knots. Just a very few originals of the uncommon kind have survived. — Evidence of wear and age, many pockets, heavily corroded brown. Both ends are edged in cloth.

Source: Central Anatolia

7. Antique Konya or Kapadokya Shade, Central Anatolia, Turkey, 19th century

Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020

Konya – From this village carpet in the Konya area, the plan of two big hooked diamonds and encompassing hooked and dotted triangles was attracted in especially harmonious proportions and decked in exquisite colors. Formerly published by Herrmann; his case nonetheless demonstrates the carpet with lengthier kilim finishes and an intact edge.

  • Source: Central Anatolia
  • Size:207 x 138 cm
  • Age:19th century
  • Estimate:1.500,00

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Top 10 Konya Rug You Will Love In 2020

Vintage Tulu Rugs out of the Konya area. Vintage Carpets are a legacy of the Turkish handmade market. Those tutu rugs are largely handwoven in Karapınar, Konya.

  • Length: 113cm / 3.7feet
  • Substance
  • 100% Wool


Top 10 konya rug you will love in 2020

This semi-antique Konya Kilim was handmade over seventy decades back in the state of Konya. It reveals a classic warm-colored pattern onto a wool-white background. This leaves this Turkish Anatolian Kilim an ideal accessory for each living space or bedroom.

  • Length: 162 cm/ 5,31 feet
  • Width: 130 cm/ 4,26 feet
  • Substance
  • 100% Nominal


Top 10 konya rug you will love in 2020


This gorgeous kilim rug has been handmade in the Kutahya area of Turkey, this carpet completes your house with contemporary oriental designs and layout.

  • 285 cm / 9,35 ft
  • 170 cm / 5,57 ft
  • Substance
  • 100% Wool


Due to how saturated the colors frequently are, these classic Turkish Konya rugs are strongly suggested to be used in areas that could benefit from the eye. Sections of the house like the living area, den, or bedroom can all benefit from the addition of those rugs due to how defining they can be and just how well they could place the scene for additional furniture components to follow. The colors may also be used to bridge gaps between different articles of furniture also, particularly if there’s a decorative motif that the viewer gets in mind when they organize the Turkish Konya rug along with other similar bits. So make sure you contact Petorugs to learn more or if you want any guidance for a suitable rug.

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