Kids Play Rug

A product line that is extremely sought after by households with active and playful children. At Petorug we are offering a special line of rugs for such families – the Kids Play Rug series. If you have a family with children like that, do not hesitate to start learning more about our products through the information below.

Kid play rug – product for future generations

Why do we dare to say that? Because the products of the Kid Play rug line are aimed at the most vulnerable audience – children. That’s why this product is created with materials. and technological lines of the highest quality to ensure the safety and development of users

The materials used by Petorug for this product line have been carefully considered and selected With factors such as anti-slip, dustproof, and good water resistance, this is an extremely suitable product to ensure the comfort and safety of children. 

The anti-slip layer covered will dispel the worry that the child will slip and fall during exercise, and the water and dust resistance helps parents feel secure when the children accidentally spill water or dirt. It’s also very easy to clean. The quality of the content of the decorative motifs on each carpet is carefully considered to be suitable for all ages with funny and bright images that contribute to colorful memories in the process of human formation and development.

 The ink used is also the best quality ink with many outstanding features such as non-toxicity, non-fading through use, and cleaning. It is also guaranteed not to fade after use.

Choose the safest Kid Play rug for Your House

Currently, on the market, there are Kid Play carpet products that are extremely diverse in design and design. But a large part of them are products of unknown origin and have low finishing quality. , using materials that are not safe for children. But at Petorug, Kid Play carpet products are tested and proven to be safe for vulnerable age groups. Children deserve the best products, be a smart consumer by choosing the best products for your children.

Hurry up to choose a suitable product, and turn your home into a safe and warm place with our products.