Rustic Rug

Rustic Rug is a hot product right now from the Petorugs brand. If you are a person who likes to collect interior rugs, you should not ignore this name. Especially if you are a person who likes minimalism. Let’s see the advantages of this carpet line.


Rustic Rug targets the market share of customers who love simple art. Each line on the carpet is simple, and rustic, drawing pictures of nature and life. If you feel that everything is too busy and complicated, an ornament like this will help reduce stress somewhat.

The carpet is delicately sewn, with each line being carefully cared for. Using high-tech machines has accurately reproduced the drawn designs, making customers not worry about the product design is different from reality. Modern dyeing technology makes the colors fresh, true, and non-staining. Impressive fade resistance stands the test of time. No color when washing. Use non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals.

Rustic Rug has all the elements that make up the Petorugs brand – premium quality. Polyester fiber is soft, stretchy, and elastic. You can see the difference with the same price carpet in the time of use. Petorugs carpets are hard to tear, heat resistant, and anti-slip with a rough plastic base. Good dust resistance and no rags. Keeps people with respiratory sensitivities comfortable. High resistance to electricity, suitable for spaces containing many electronic devices. Wide range of sizes for every room in your home.

You always feel bored every time you clean the carpet, not with Petorugs. Rustic Rug is extremely easy to wash. Good liquid absorption, comfortable scrubbing stubborn stains without lint. No wrinkles, ruffled, dry after each wash. Unaffected by strong chemical detergents.


We have great incentives whether old or new customers. Shipping to many places with low cost. The sales channels are diverse and rich with a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants. Petorugs always wants customers to be co-creators with us as you can come up with any design you love. For example, the jubilant festival of Halloween, Christmas, and New Year, … or the combination of simplicity with different carpet collections with Movie Rug, Car Rug, Anime Rug, etc. Multi-mix This form will make you enjoy buying carpets at Petorugs.

We always have a warranty for Rustic Rug or any other carpet. Any errors from the designer will be returned within the same day with fast processing speed from us. The hotline is always ready to operate so that customers who have questions during the use of the product will be guided enthusiastically.

Petorugs is a reliable companion, giving you and your loved ones valuable, practical gifts. Petorugs’ business philosophy is innovation, creativity, quality, and lasting value.