Legend Zelda Wild Black Rug – Custom Size And Printing

$68.00 $54.95

Legend Zelda Wild Black Rug – Custom Size And Printing

This Legend Zelda Wild Black Rug designed from Petorugs. Legend Zelda Wild Black Rug Is a product line preferred by many customers thanks to its great quality, Reasonable cost, and simplicity of usage. It’s woven and dyed with advanced Technology, thus giving much higher durability. The Legend Zelda Wild Black Rug by Petorugs is the top quality merchandise line on the market today.

Substance: Polyester

Thickness:8mm. Thick enough.

Bottom: Plastic anti-slip non-woven fabric, non-slip water absorption

Benefits: moisture-proof, non-slip, anti-static, wear-resistant, easy to clean, cost-effective. It is woven and dyed by innovative technologies, fantastic fastness, mostly soft, nice water absorption, not easy to ball.

Application:Easy to be placed on the floor of entrance door, back door, kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, dining room, porch, balcony, etc..

Packing: Woven bag packaging

Shape: Rectangle.

  • Great for almost any decor, adds texture to the ground and complements any decor.
  • Durable and resistant to soiling, stain, and evaporating .
  • Feels soft under your foot and vivid colors won’t fade as time passes. Your rug will immediately add style to any room’s decor. It has trendy colors in addition to its design.
  • Beautiful, mixed colors along with clean, easy-to-match designs create your rug perfect for any room, home or office.
  • Enriched soft heap keeps dirt out and keeps your carpet looking great for ages. Simple to clean.

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