Top 10 Sarouk Rugs You Will Love In 2022

Sarouk rugs are just another fine choice among the Persian carpet marketplace. A prized possession which finds its roots shrouded in Iran, the Sarouk is extremely striking bits that match a cotton base and distinctive, nicely balanced colors. One of the rugs coming from Iran, the Sarouk is considered among the maximum quality items in the region.

Rather than cotton, wool is the frequent substance used within all Sarouk carpets. Sporting a cotton base and blue wefts provide the Sarouk a mild feel that’s tricky to reciprocate. Over this base is a thick pile that, consequently, generates a streamlined one of a type rug. What’s more, the carpet’s thick and total light tone unite to a cozy piece that has a smooth outer coating.

Sarouk rugs are typically found in 3 x 5, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12. The reason for their sizing is supplying a real, authentic centerpiece for any environment it is decorating. The rug’s colors and pronounced designs induce the Sarouk to stand out no matter where it is adorned. If you are looking for brassy antiquity that keeps a thoroughness in caliber, Sarouk Persian rugs are the ideal selection for you. Listed below are 10 Sarouk rugs you will like to purchase them.

1. Sarouk Lillian 2’8″ x 4′

This Persian Rug is Hand Knotted using 100% Nominal and Cotton Foundation. This campground includes a Herati Layout and its Main Colors are Blue, Peach, Brown.

  • Size:2’8″ x 4′
  • Age: New
  • Pile Material:100% Nominal
  • Foundation Material: Cotton

2. Sarouk Farahan Hand Made Pre 1900 Antique Persian Rug – 7′ x 4’2″ – 7′ x 4’2″

One of a Kind pre-1900 hand-knotted genuine Persian area rug using 100% wool pile, which will be in quite good (abrash- equally low pile) condition. Hand-Knotted rugs are among the cognoscenti’ & accumulators’ dearies, as each knot of this carpet is honed with a skilled weaver’s hands, with no machine’s disturbance. The caliber of hand-knotted carpeting is dependent on the number of knots per square inch, as some nice weaves can take as much as a year to make one 2×7 master-piece. 100% Wool is the principal substance used to make those prized possessions which are usually set in a well-deserving high-price space. Hand-Knotted rugs can maintain high traffic for at least 20 decades, are a favorite selection for halls, living rooms, and offices, etc. These fine examples of craftsmanship kindly inform the narrative of a weaver’s conventional heritage.

  • Material Wool
  • Pattern Medallion, Asian
  • Pile Height 0.25 – 0.5 inch

3. Oversized Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug

The fundamental rug medallion layout gives an organizational motif that echoes through the whole Persian rug. The edge of this classic rug is understated compared to the layout of this area, highlighting the huge scale sweeping layout of the fundamental area.

The color palette uses a range of vivid red, a selection of poultry, blues, beige, ivory, and yellow. Every one of these layout components is implemented in a means which makes it stand out by itself. Each component is summarized using a contrasting color that highlights its significance, in addition to its contribution to the whole. This makes a delicate balance between the significance of the individual subjects and the total impression of the plan.

This layout is reminiscent of the arrangement which exists in the organic world. Within each one, the gorgeous curves and wandering floral components is a feeling of larger order and business. This happy rug would make a superb addition to any area that must generate a statement expressed through vibrant color and bold geometry.

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4. Hallsville Sarouk Power Loom Polyester Navy Indoor Area Rug

An exceptional mix of classic and modern, Hallsville provides a string of jewel-toned area rugs which are intended to brighten the look of almost any transitional setting in the house. With its new, contemporary color palette and a range of modern-traditional patterns, these cherished floor sheets are perfectly suited to spaces that combine sophisticated heritage with a personal design. With a machine-woven foundation of 100% polyester that delivers a soft palate and a chic allure, the workmanship and substances applied to those digitally printed area rugs are exceptional to some other area rug of its type in the present market. The accession of non-skid funding and saddle-stitched advantages increase the total value of the exceptional collection. Either used as an accent piece or as the principal inspiration for an entire decorating strategy, these old-world layouts in contemporary interpretation are certain to be a point of curiosity about almost any interior.

  • Strategy: Power Loom
  • Construction: Machine-Made
  • Material: Polyester
  • Location: Indoor Use Only

5. Sarouk Beige Hand-Knotted 7’0″ X 10’8″ Area Rug 100-10748

Hand-knotted and meticulously crafted by Persian artisans this gorgeous Sarouk Beige Hand-Knotted 7’0″ X 10’8″ Area Rug 100-10748 will invite beauty and quality in your house, office, or outside area. Rugman takes pride in supplying exceptional sizes and layouts for living space area rugs, outside rugs, and a lot more types of rugs to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

  • Woven: Hand Knotted
  • Foundation: Cotton
  • Pile: Wool

6. Antique Sarouk Farahan

Antique Sarouk Farahan hand made from organic wool and natural dyes. Features beautiful medallion and orange border.

Farahan Shade: Farahan is a village located in west-central Iran, north of this city of Arak, also is famous for its finely manicured late 19th-century carpeting. … These premium quality rugs can be broken into two major types. The first type is distinguished by an all-over or endless-repeat pattern with motives like the Herati or both design.

7. Sarouk 11’6″x8’3″ feet

This gorgeous carpet was knotted in Sarouk (Sarough) in Persia. This area stands for thick and powerful carpets of premium quality. Sarouk rugs have exceptional beautiful colors and modern design elements which makes them a popular bit of traditional handicraft. With this particular carpet, you’re certainly going to impress your visitors.

  • Knot density: approx 74 – 93 / square inch
  • Manufacturing: Hand-Knotted
  • Origin: Indien
  • Pile: Wool
  • Wrap: Cotton

8. Charming Historical 20th Century Sarouk Rug

A charming early 20th century Persian Sarouk rug with a lovely mirrored scrolling vine and floral pattern stitched in orange, coral, orange, and indigo from a dark indigo background. The edge is fantastic with a gorgeous floral and scrolling vine patterned stripe flanked by fitting miniature floral patterned stripes.


  • Width: 40 in. (101.6 cm)
  • Length: 56 in. (142.24 cm)
  • Style: Sarouk Farahan (Of the Period)
  • Materials and Techniques: Wool
  • Place of Origin: Iran

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9. Sarouk Oriental Hand-Knotted Wool Navy/Brown/Red Area Rug

Meet Pasargad’s Sarouk Collection. This carpet’s handmade, Hand-Knotted construction adds strength to the carpet, making sure it’s going to endure for several decades. Each carpet is handmade with Lamb’s Wool. With its timeless design, this carpet is a tasteful addition to any home decor set.

  • Strategy: Hand-Knotted
  • Structure: Handmade
  • Material: Wool
  • Location: Indoor Use Only

10. Sarouk Red Hand-Knotted 7’1″ X 10’6″ Area Rug 100-19642

Hand-knotted and meticulously crafted by Persian artisans this gorgeous Sarouk Red Hand-Knotted 7’1″ X 10’6″ Area Rug 100-19642 will invite beauty and quality in your house, office, or outside area.

  • Woven: Hand Knotted
  • Foundation: Cotton
  • Pile: Wool


Sarouk rug is generally beneficial and high-price, you need to check it carefully before purchasing. On the topside, fold the rug, showing the tufts. Check to be certain the color goes to the foundation of every tuft and search for knots in the bottom. These are also signs that the carpet is handmade. Handmade Persian rugs are far more precious than machine-made carpeting.

If You Would like to buy a Vintage Sarouk Rug, assess 10 items below:

Primarily, check the back of the carpet

Frequently repairs aren’t obvious when looking in the front of the carpeting. 1 simple method of assessing for repairs would be to reverse the carpet over and examine the back. A couple of minor fixes are okay, however huge repairs or large patches detract from the rug’s true value. Vintage rugs with large repairs should be averted.

2. Now, examine the front of the carpet

Look carefully at the heap (the carpet fibers) and search for signs of irregular wear. ) Ideally, the carpet should have wear across the full area of this carpet with no clear stains.

3. Make Sure That the carpet has a patina

The same as good vases, over the decades some classic rugs create a patina. If the wool of this classic rug is oily (includes a high lanolin content), together with use over time, the classic rug will create a beautiful patina. The outcome is a beautiful sheen and on occasion a slick look.

4. Check the ends of the carpet

Among the primary places a rug overlooks is that the ends of the carpet. If the fringes unravel, this isn’t a significant issue since they can frequently be rebound. When the ends of the carpet have been failed then a few traders, in attempting to fix the carpet, unravel the endings and reference the entire rug. This can be well known a cutting back the carpet. Purchasing a carpet that’s been cut back isn’t a fantastic movie.

5. Take a Look at the colors

The colors used in classic rugs make them quite appealing really. Natural dyes are usually used, making classic rugs desirable and distinctive. They mellow attractively with time and this procedure can’t be replicated in fresh rugs. The colors should be helpful in quality throughout the rug. If the carpet has obvious regions of evaporating it needs to be prevented.

6. Listen to the carpet

Fold the carpet and then bend it. When a crackling sound is heard, this usually means that the base (warp and weft) is ruined. Maybe the carpet has sustained water damage previously. This isn’t a fantastic sign.

7. Make Sure That the carpet sits flat

Many classic rugs are stitched wool. With time, particularly if they’ve been moist or not cleaned correctly, the carpet may develop ripples. All these are permanent. Rugs that have ripples and don’t sit flat aren’t worth purchasing.

8. Make Sure That the carpet hasn’t been artificially aged

There are a lot of methods by which some overseas carpet retailers era carpets. The pile of the carpet is occasionally treated with harsh chemicals to tone down the color. Should you divide the heap and the origins are extremely dark, then it’s possible to complete the carpet that was chemically treated. These carpets don’t have any inherent value and ought to be prevented.

9. Accept some imperfections

Most classic rugs are going to have a few imperfections. A little blot, a few fixes, or any loose threads to name a few examples. Minor imperfections are okay and they’ll be more than made up for by the delight that your classic rug will attract you.

10. Buy from an experienced and Respectable trader

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