About Us

Peto Rugs is a top online retailer of decoration rugs for customers all over the world. We provide consumers with thousands of products in a diverse style such as gaming rugs, music rugs, movie rugs,…All products are under long-time guarantee to ensure customer get the best product that fits their need.

Peto Rugs was established in November 2019. The head office is located in 4709 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA-15224, United States.

Our Mission

We – the Peto Rugs team understand that there is nothing more important than your home. So, our mission is to make your rugs shopping experience more pleasant and you can get the best product. Our website is designed in a way that can make the customer feel easy in every single step from browsing the product to make the transaction.

We want to be the best Rugs Online Shopping Store in the market by pleasure the consumers.