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Versace Area Rug

The rug is Exactly like the one I saw online very satisfied didn't take long for the rug to arrive will be ordering from this company again

grateful dead rug

Rug is sweet--my son is going to put it in his dorm room.

Not to be impolite but I was surprised when the rug was delivered. Lots of posts on the nets claiming Petorugs is a scam.

In this case it was decidedly not.


Thank you for placing your order, and we are delighted that your son likes it. Many articles claim that we deceive, but that is how our competitors play dirty with us. Anyway, we don't care about that issue. We are still working diligently to serve everyone wholeheartedly.

Awesome art work only problem is they shipped it folded that left a bunch of creases and wrinkles. They definitely should ship them rolled instead of folded other than that it’s great

Thank you for your purchase at Petorugs. Please lay the rug flat for approximately 7 days, and those creases will disappear. Please rest assured about the quality of our rug and its design.

Beautiful rug!

Super stylish and right for our home!

Minecraft Ax Rug - Custom Size And Printing


My son love this star wars rug. This is perfect gift for him


This rug make my home perfect

Good Hoodie for my son

My son love this hoodie so much. Thank you !

Pokémon Legendary Rug

Arrive early than expected and great for a kids room!

Movie rug

I like it, the creases haven’t flatten out yet thou. Can sweep pet hair off with a regular broom

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