Animal Rug

Want a simulated zoo in your house? Animal Rug from the Petorugs brand will do just that. Combining fashion and home, each carpet from Petorugs promises to be a decorative product worth buying for every family.


Owning a design that is not too fussy, just like the name Animal Rug, the details revolve around wild nature, and animals in the natural world, especially for customers who love animals! Carefully and meticulously shaped, the design team has devoted a lot of effort and brainpower to the process of creating animal images so that customers can feel the highest aesthetics in each carpet. Along with advanced dye printing technology, for colorful, vivid, and harmonious colors in the overall layout. The color is durable with time and use. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, the carpet will last for a long time. No dye is out during use.

In terms of materials, Petorugs is always committed to using textile materials provided by reputable domestic and foreign brands. Animals Rug has an outstanding softness, for every step on the carpet is smooth! Good dirt resistance, easy to wash away stains with just one wash, no damage to normal physical impacts, helping to protect the floor well. Limiting noise for places that need quiet, anti-electricity for specific workspaces, suitable for any location in your home. Make it beautiful and useful when choosing an Animal Rug.


Always bring the best products with market prices and dedicated customer care. Petorugs is always the choice of carpet lovers. The design style of Petorugs is always creative and innovative, adapting to high market demands. Always launch unique product models, combining many topics that customers love. Such as Animal Chrismas Rug for Christmas Day! Animals Halloween Rug with ghostly mythical beasts! Not only that, but many themes seem like few carpet brands will sell such as Animals Car Rug with beasts on the car, and Animals Flower Rug with stylized colorful butterflies and flowers,… It’s all about Petorugs’ enthusiasm when it comes to bringing exquisite products with artistic value to elevate the brand value in the eyes of customers.

Dedicated and attentive customer service. Always consult carefully on the process of preserving as well as using carpets, the website is minimalist but complete, with many attractive offers for online purchases. Come to Petorugs today to enjoy new experiences in the world of carpets and bring back meaningful gifts for friends and family!

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