Discover $11 Alternatives to TikTok’s Viral, Sold Out Jelly Sunglasses

Discover $11 Alternatives to TikTok's Viral, Sold Out Jelly Sunglasses

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Discover $11 Alternatives to TikTok's Viral, Sold Out Jelly Sunglasses
Discover $11 Alternatives to TikTok’s Viral, Sold Out Jelly Sunglasses

For those with a penchant for all things sweet, Gentle Monster’s Gentle Jelly sunglasses collection is a treat for the eyes. With pastel frames reminiscent of candy and adorable charms that add a playful touch, the brand’s Gummy sunglasses have taken TikTok by storm, offering a fun twist on sporty eyewear. However, the sweetness of these sunglasses doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, there are budget-friendly alternatives to Gentle Monster’s Jelly sunglasses.


Gentle Monster is renowned for setting trends, with a client roster that includes A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna. The brand’s latest Gentle Jelly collection has captured the hearts of many, offering a delightful array of candy-inspired shades that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Gentle Monster Dupes: Embrace the Viral Jelly Sunglasses for Just $11 Gentle Monster Gummy PC12 Buy Now $360 ADVERTISEMENT

The popularity of these sunglasses is undeniable, leading to swift sell-outs of the collection’s most sought-after styles on the Gentle Monster website. However, the hefty price tag—often upwards of $300—has left many fans searching for more affordable options.

If you’re longing for Gentle Monster’s gummy sunglasses but prefer not to splurge, fear not. There are plenty of similar sunglasses available at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with a little DIY magic, you can even customize your sunglasses with candy-inspired charms, just like TikToker KT did.


Ready to find your own Gentle Monster dupes? Here are some fantastic options, with the cheapest pair priced at just $11. Treat yourself to candy-colored sunglasses that satisfy your sweet tooth without draining your wallet.

01 SA106 Wraparound Curved Sunglasses PHOTO : WALMART. SA106 Wraparound Curved Sunglasses $10.95 Buy Now For those in search of baby pink sunglasses akin to Gentle Monster’s sold-out Yummy PC11 frames, look no further than these $11 sunglasses from Walmart. With their bubblegum pink hue, they offer a perfect dupe and can even be customized with faux sugar for an extra sweet touch.

02 Cotton Candy Sports Sunglasses PHOTO : GIANT VINTAGE. Cotton Candy Sports Sunglasses $30 Buy Now Giant Vintage presents another excellent dupe with its Cotton Candy Sports Sunglasses. While some pastel shades may be out of stock, these sunglasses still offer a close match to Gentle Monster’s coveted styles.

03 JaneFrames Wraparound Sunglasses PHOTO : ETSY. JaneFrames Wraparound Sunglasses $14.99 Buy Now These $13 sunglasses from Etsy capture the essence of Gentle Monster’s Gummy collection with their sporty silhouette and candy purple shade.

04 Wild Fable Sport Matte Finish Sunglasses PHOTO : TARGET. Wild Fable Sport Matte Finish Sunglasses $16 Buy Now Target offers a more subdued option for those seeking neutral shades reminiscent of Gentle Monster’s Gummy sunglasses. With their sporty silhouette, these sunglasses exude understated elegance.

05 Slade Slim Plastic Shield Sunglasses PHOTO : URBAN OUTFITTERS. Slade Slim Plastic Shield Sunglasses $15 Buy Now Urban Outfitters presents a futuristic take on Gentle Monster’s Jelly sunglasses with its Slade Slim Plastic Shield Sunglasses. Available in cream and gray, these sunglasses offer a modern twist on the candy-inspired trend.

06 Resin Candy Charms PHOTO : ETSY. Resin Candy Charms $10.75 Buy Now Feeling creative? These Etsy candy charms are perfect for customizing your sunglasses to mimic Gentle Monster’s Gummy collection. Simply glue them onto your chosen frames for a unique and mouthwatering look. With an abundance of gummy charms available, the possibilities are endless.

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