Top 10 Tehran Rugs You Will Love In 2021

Antique Tehran Rugs – Rugs started to be made in Tehran, the contemporary Persian capital, from the late nineteenth century to the early 20th century. They tended to be produced out of classical Persian layouts of a medallion and allover kind and occasionally with vivid motifs. You will find Tehran prayer rugs too.

Most Persian Tehran rugs were midsize rugs, plus they had been woven with sterile knots in an assortment of grades ranging in knot density in the reduced one-hundreds to more than eight hundred. The Tehran production will claim a minimum of one renowned master weaver, Seyd Abolfat-Rasam Arabzadeh. In the beginning, Tehran carpets established a reputation for great quality, but in the previous sixty years that their quality has improved under the management of fresh master weavers, causing them to be increasingly more sought-after. Listed below are 10 Tehran rugs you will like to purchase them.

1.Old Persian Tehran Carpet

  • Size: 370 x 273 cm / 12.1 x 9 ft
  • Handwoven in: Tehran, Iran
  • Age: Old
  • Layout: Allover layout

For more information please contact our staff will be very happy to help you. All pieces in the group are within the auspices of Essie Sakhai, among the world’s leading experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.

2. Old Corp, Hand Knotted Persian Tehran Rug, Floral Persian Rug

An extremely fine excellent hand-knotted Persian Tehran Rug, old and collectible in absolutely perfect condition, Particular Gol O Bolbol style carpet, Kurk, and silk pile on a silk base. Rug size 4.4×7. Accessible at Beautiful Cabinets just.

3. Tehran Antique (244×166 cm)

This Persian rug coming in the European capital is qualitatively quite precious. Its asymmetrical weaving and its exquisite layout can bring outside excitement. The ambiance of the Iranian funds on your home.

4. Tehran Fine Antique Persian Rug (Ref 35) 410x280cm

Unusual, unique, and lovely. This classic Tehran carpet has been woven in the 1920s and was in precisely the same household in Tehran since then.

  • A nice weave in excellent condition without any signs of repairs or wear.
  • The dyes used are all organic. The colors have mellowed beautifully with age. The area color is soft Fuschia red, the edge is a contrasting blue. Pink and coral highlights exist throughout the area.
  • Intricately handwoven with a master weaver at Tehran.
  • Vintage detailed Shah Abbas intricately weaved central medallion layout. The design and color mix of the central medallion is mesmerizing and mysterious.
  • The edge is a complex crossover layout depicting weeping willow and fragrance motifs.
  • This carpet is a gem. Rare and collectible. An authentic investment is possible.

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5. Antique Persian Tehran Carpet 7’2″x 10’2″

Among the most astonishing examples of weaving from Tehran, Iran, circa the 1900s. Antique Tehran rugs set the standard for workmanship and quality. From the late 1800s, the artwork of Persian weaving undergone a revival of fame, and Tehran became the locus for Persian carpet creation. Antique Tehran rugs aren’t just large quality, they’re also rare. Most high-quality Tehran rugs pre-date 1945. Newer, high-quality Tehran rugs are usually only produced in tiny amounts by master-weavers. These rugs represent the supreme attractiveness and quality considered a vital aspect of Persian rugs

6. Semi-Antique Persian Teheran 4’6″×6’11”

This semi-antique (50-100 years old) conventional style, the scatter-size carpet was woven in Persia/Iran. The elaborate central medallion sits in an ivory area and portrays a vase carrying an arrangement of interlocking flowers, wreathed in foliage. The very nice information and superb state of the carpet make it a great case of mid-century botanical craftsmanship.

  • Shade: Ivory, Red
  • Age: Semi-Antique
  • Source: Persia/Iran
  • Set: The Minasian Collection

7. Antique Tehran Rug 2.03m x 1.32m

A gorgeous antique rug, handwoven at Tehran circa 1900 using a huge vase design on an ivory field and dark blue edge. A fabulous design featuring all manner of fauna and flora (a set of elephants!) And lovely secondary colors. Just small wear adds to its special charm.

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8. Antique Persian Tehran Small Carpet with Sudden Herati Style on a Navy Field

This nice handwoven rug includes a handsome copying Herati layout on the navy principal area, enclosed inside an asymmetrical blue border. A Vintage looking oriental rug with a gentle, nice feel to the brief wool pile, and a nice structure with compact knotting. Excellent addition to your home decor, and also a terrific way to bring Vintage warmth and design into your flooring.

9. Antique Tehran Traditional Persian Beige and Red Wool Rug with Cartouches

Originating from Persia in 1910, this classic traditional Persian wool rug includes a Tehran area layout, emboldened with black and beige floral cartouches and enfolded by red, pink, green, and blue floral emblems. Hand-knotted in premium excellent yarn and complemented with perfect horizontal and vertical symmetry, this rug’s depictions of peonies and lilies signify innocence, power, and spirituality; distinctively drawn on the endings of curvilinear Islami blossom scroll patterns similarly replicated in the turquoise green, gold beige, black, and red elaborate boundaries.

10. Antique Tehran Rug, Wool Handmade Oriental Rug, Ivory, Red, Soft Blue, Red

Nice classic Tehran rugs are among the most highly respected of Persian rug fashions by connoisseurs and collectors alike due to the exceptionally fine craftsmanship and ingenious usage of rendered, chiefly floral and floral layouts. Tehran rugs aren’t available to novices due to their small scale of production and quite limited distribution, together with the huge majority of bits already residing in personal collections. While the finest 19th-century illustrations could be unfathomably detailed using an array of exotic colors, even functions in the first quarter of the 20th century keep their incredibly fine weave which featured painstakingly drawn layouts like the Mille Fleur, vase layouts, and various renditions of this backyard layout, further contributing to their infrequent status.

Buying Guide

When buying a hand woven Tehran rug, look at the back of it. The knots should be almost identical in size and density. Specially when buying a large size rug, fold the it in half in both directions to make sure the dimensions are accurate and for example one end is not wider than the other end. This happens in some hand woven carpets, when the knots are disparate throughout weaving process. There are many tips in buying a handwoven rug which only experts know and it would be a good idea to study thoroughly or hire an expert if you are planning to invest a lot of money on a Qali. Last advice I can give you is that have the measurement of your own room area and perhaps some pictures of the furniture with you, so you can have a better imagination when being lost in the middle of endless colors and patterns.

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